The Midwife & Midwifery Care


Emily Sloan, APRN, CNM

Emily Sloan is a board certified nurse-midwife whose own personal experience shaped her desire to work as a midwife. She has eight children and birthed them all naturally, choosing a planned home birth for her last three deliveries. As a practitioner that recognizes the power of women and their bodies and trusts the normal physiologic process of birth, she is proud to have the opportunity to empower women to make their own informed choices and watch them grow in confidence as they approach motherhood.

Emily earned her Doctorate in Nurse-Midwifery at Baylor University, her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Southern Methodist University, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Baylor University. Emily’s experience also includes educating future nurses by teaching in the undergraduate nursing program at Baylor University. With an interest in improving international health, Emily has traveled to South Africa to study the HIV/AIDS pandemic in urban and rural communities, to India to speak and lead midwifery workshops about postpartum hemorrhage management, and training community workers in the Maya population of the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico to help improve prenatal nutrition and gestational weight gain.


women’s health care

The philosophy of midwifery care is based upon women-centered health care services throughout the life span. East Dallas Birth & Wellness offers routine and problem-focused gynecological exams, family planning, pre-conception counseling, and menopause management.


prenatal, labor, birth, & postpartum care

East Dallas Birth & Wellness is a free-standing birth center that offers an alternative out-of-hospital approach to normal, family-centered childbearing. When you enroll in care at our birth center, you can expect to receive your routine prenatal care, labor and delivery care, and immediate postpartum care from a certified nurse-midwife assisted by members of our care staff.


newborn care

Nurse-midwives have the education and experience to provide routine care for newborns during the first 28 days of life. At East Dallas Birth & Wellness, newborns will be offered all the recommended exams, tests, and procedures to ensure optimal health.